English version - For more information, individually and in writing on request.

The work on 40 or less hours / week, Brigade?, where appropriate, as agreed with the candidate-of the whole-lasting cooperation

If you are under 18 years old, always contact us in writing. indicate the position which you are interested in and we will explain in which positions and under what conditions can cooperate, or who among our colleagues to contact in your area.

/ Seller VIP mobile products Operator-table earnings potential / financial adviser-broker / energy sales / AKVIZITOR / Supervizor with the possibility of building a career / These positions can be registered without restriction and will be able to start work up to 14 days. Offer lasts for ever

Recruitment Specialist-respondent-Public survey / Street Fundraiser / author in the research market to these positions, you can register even if the research is currently not in your region. Once the research will be carried out at the place of your anticipated action-reach you and you have some earnings.

Photo model-extras - men, boys, women, girls and children / model-advertising, etc.this position, you can register without restriction, therefore, even if you do not currently meet the project-if you are interested, add you to our invitation to the catalog and in the implementation of new projects suitable for you, you we are in advertising, television and film companies and agencies represented on the basis of the contractual relationship and will always reach us pay attention to this type! when your consent has nothing to stand in the way of earnings ...